Synergy Asset Management

Custom engineered portfolio solutions to meet your unique goals.

Our team has built and refined a process to be more than just another money manager. Our competitive advantage stems from our strategically aligned asset management, that highlights our core strength as a globally dynamic, institutional fiduciary.

We call our approach SAAM™.

Not just another money manager.

Introducing the SAAM Model

Strategically Aligned Asset Management (SAAM™)

With SAAM™, you get two fiduciaries. That means you get financial planning and experienced institutional investing. That means you get everything you need, all in one package.

Step 1


with an approved advisor

Step 2


your Lifestyle Return Benchmark

step 3


your Lifestyle Portfolio

We align with top financial advisors all over the country to deliver portfolios built with reasonable returns, reasonable risk, within reasonable time.

Our process is sophisticated. Our goal is simple:

Keep you calm.

How We Optimize
Risk and Return

We work with your advisor to determine the appropriate allocation of assets to realize your objectives.

How We Work Together

Our institutional fiduciary investment management process will develop, implement, and dynamically monitor your circumstances so you stay on course. Moreover, it is clearly communicated in your personalized investment policy statement (IPS).

How We Manage Dynamically

Our dynamic global approach to managing your money is not constrained to any one style of investing or to any one sector, or to any one strategy. We have portfolio strategies for all market conditions and investor objectives.

The Synergy of SAAM™


Core Portfolios

A fleet of portfolios to help grow your money.

From Asset Allocation to Focused Strategies, quickly determine the appropriate mix for any risk/return profile.



Two minds are
better than one.

You get a Chief Wealth Officer and Chief Investment Officer to create a unique fiduciary approach to wealth management.



Dynamic, adaptive model.

SAAM™ will allow you to gain from our experience with institutional investing, next-generation practice management technology, and our lifestyle protection process. We take a global approach to investing that is dynamic and adaptive, so no matter what the market is doing, we will have a portfolio for you.



We serve clients all over the country

From Washington to Arizona and from California to Pennsylvania, we help you partner with the right advisor no matter where you are.


Clients Served

And growing...

Take the next step and discover the benefits of partnering with a Strategically Aligned Asset Manager (SAAM™).



Managed and navigated through 3 recessions.

With 30 years of experience, battling through storms, and ensuring that our clients get through to the other side - we've been there, done that, and then some.


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Feel safe about your portfolio

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A new approach to incorporating fixed annuities and fixed index annuities in a portfolio as an asset class.