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4 steps to designing your 401(k) plan

We work with companies of all sizes to design 401(k) retirement plans focused on their objectives, goals and risk-return profiles. Though 401(k) retirement plans have many plan features, benefits, rules and regulations to understand, we can design a plan for your company in four simple steps.

  1. Understand your goals. The first step is understanding what you hope to achieve with your plan in terms of who will participate, who will benefit, how much you want to save each year, etc. As we evaluate your goals, we’ll also look at your risk profile, your required rate of return and any constraints, including time horizon, tax issues, liquidity needs, legal and regulatory issues and your company’s unique circumstances.
  2. Investigate plan providers. There are different types of plan providers, each with advantages and disadvantages. We’ll explore whether your 401(k) plan will be bundled or unbundled, who will handle the recording and administration and what investment options are available to you. Synergy will serve as an independent advocate to help you evaluate your options and choose the one that makes the most sense for you.
  3. Craft your plan. Using our efficient, diversified and proprietary investment models, we will design a customized investment solution to meet your 401(k) retirement plan goals. We’ll also provide portfolio management and reporting and explain how those work.
  4. Stay on course. Finally, once the plan is implemented, we’ll make sure your 401(k) plan stays on course. We’ll monitor your portfolio regularly and communicate any changes or concerns to you.

For more on Synergy’s four-step 401(k) design process, visit our Designing Your Plan page or contact us to set up a free 401(k) cost comparison or 401(k) plan analysis.

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