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If you’ve visited our website or read our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed the term financial ecosystem. What exactly is a financial ecosystem and how can it benefit you? Let’s start with the ecosystem. As an integrated financial services firm, Synergetic Finance provides three primary services to our business clients: 1) Money management, 2) Valuation and consulting, 3) M&A services and business transactions.

These three services address each of a company’s current and future needs, creating an ecosystem of financial services. Some businesses may only need one of our services, a formal valuation, for example, while other firms may need a full array of services, starting with identifying their current financial position and company value, through to a possible sale of the firm upon retirement.

SFM ecosystem

 How does this benefit you, the business owner? Working with Synergetic’s financial ecosystem, we are uniquely positioned to advise you in any area. If you want to discuss your retirement portfolio performance, we can handle that. If you want a consultant to discuss ways to maximize your firm’s value, we can address that too. Our in-house wealth managers, valuators and business consultants will get to know your business inside and out, so you don’t need to go elsewhere. Think of it as one-stop shopping for your firm’s financial needs.

Want to learn more? We’ve love to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your firm’s needs and how Synergetic Finance and its financial ecosystem can address them. Call us today at 206-386-5455 or send us an email.

To your wealth,

President of Synergetic Finance

Joe Maas

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