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It’s time for a third quarter check-up!

Financial ReportSeptember 30 marks the end of the third quarter of 2014. Do you know how your investments are doing? You should receive statements (electronic or hard copies) from your advisors, asset holders or third-party administrators sometime this month.

It is easy to ignore them, file them away, or toss them in your inbox to read later, but we encourage you to take a few minutes to open up your statements to see how you’re doing. Making a little time can make a big difference.

Did your investments grow as predicted? Were there any unanticipated losses? Did you contribute more or less than you’d hoped to your retirement plans year to date? Are any adjustments needed to your investment or insurance products? For example, did you experience any major life change – marriage, divorce, job change, birth of a child, etc. – during the last quarter that could impact your short of long-term financial planning?

Keep these questions in mind as you review your third quarter and year-to-date results. If you have any questions or are considering the need for changes, contact your financial planner to discuss these items at your earliest convenience. The sooner you make any necessary changes, the sooner you’ll see results!

To your wealth,

Author Joseph M. Maas





President of Synergetic Finance

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