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Meeting Financial Objectives: Are You Rolling The Dice?

At Synergetic Finance, we focus on helping our clients to assess their current portfolios to see if their investment strategies are meeting the client’s goals and objectives. This is important because each client is different and has a unique set of objectives. Here are some of the more common objectives we run across:

  • Minimize risk
  • Increase return on your investment
  • Reduce taxable income
  • Maximize income
  • Create wealth
  • Preserve wealth
  • Transfer wealth
  • Hedge inflation
  • Roll over your 401(k) or other retirement plan
  • Protect your assets

As you look at your portfolio, why are you saving money? Have your current investment management strategies been effective in helping you to reach those objectives? Don’t leave your financial future to a roll of the dice. Call Synergetic Finance today at 206-386-5455 for more information.


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