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Q&A: Why Do I Want Synergy To Represent Me When Buying A Business?

Q.  There are lots of Seattle business brokers to choose from. Why do I want to work with Synergy? What does Synergy offer that the other brokerage firms don’t?

A.  Synergy’s knowledge base, our 360 degree business perspective, our experience and depth of team expertise are the reasons you should hire us. Furthermore, we have first-hand experience owning, running and transacting businesses and can relate to your challenges. Our team has expertise assessing market values and business trends. We also analyze comparables for similar businesses recently sold to get a good sense of what the market is willing to pay for your type of business. Finally, we can help you value your business.

Synergy is a boutique-style integrated financial services firm. We don’t have a template program for all clients. We view each client’s circumstances as unique and treat the engagement that way. Our goal is to identify your needs and then customize our offering to meet those needs. This approach is required to be successful and to create value for you.

Finding the right team of experts is important. Our backgrounds give us the tools and 360 degree perspective necessary to help your business. Our training in business valuation, business consulting and mergers and acquisitions equip us for a successful engagement. Our academic achievements and credentials in finance, tax, economics, accounting of small to large firms, operations, marketing and strategy support that training.

The Synergetic Finance ecosystem lends a unique perspective to our brokerage services. As we move through the process, we consider business valuation and the big picture as well as micro business issues. This depth and perspective adds value to the process and ultimately creates value for you, the client.

Q.  Why should I use an intermediary? Can’t I do this myself?

A. Using an intermediary smooths the process. The intermediary will screen and qualify potential businesses for purchase based on your criterion, ensure confidentiality, protect your interests and direct your investment to meet success. In short, using an intermediary brings peace of mind.

Q.  How do you find businesses for me to consider buying?

A. Once we have a thorough understanding of your acquisition criteria, we utilize our private database along with our professional associations, public databases and network of professionals such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and insurance professionals to identify suitable businesses for sale.