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4 ways employers benefit from a 401(k) plan

401(k) plans offer numerous benefits to employers. Here are five ways that your company might benefit from starting a plan:

1)       If you are starting your company’s first 401(k) plan, you can receive up to $500/year tax credit for the first three years of the plan.

2)      Matching and profit sharing contributions are tax-deductible.

3)      Administrative fees for 401(k) plans are tax-deductible.

4)      Offering a 401(k) plan can help attract and retain valuable employees.

Want to learn more? We can tell you how a 401(k) plan can help your company minimize its taxes now. Call Synergetic Finance at 206-386-5455 or email us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

To your wealth,

Joe Maas

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