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Building your lifestyle protection plan

There are three matters which must be examined thoughtfully and with prudence because they form the core of your financial prosperity.

The first of these is establishing how much you’ll need in annual income as you prepare for retirement, the second is resolving how large your investment portfolio will need to be, and the third is deciding the sale price of your business. All three are the sum that becomes your retirement security.

Think of this process as a metaphor. You have an accordion that will play a beautiful song, but to get the sound to come out right, you have to squeeze here, push there, and press all the right buttons at exactly the right moment while balancing the box on your knee and singing in accompaniment with a smile! It could be a bit tricky; and it’s so much easier when you have an accordion master helping you.

This accordion is your Lifestyle Protection Plan. In order to make a joyful sound, all the financial aspects of your life must be in accord.

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The preceding passage is an excerpt from “Exit Insight: Getting to ‘Sold!’” by author Joseph M. Maas of Synergetic Finance. We’ll continue this discussion in our next post.

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