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What kind of investment advisor is right for you?

Synergy takes a holistic approach to financial planningIn February 2013, I wrote a blog post about choosing an investment advisor. A year and a half later, that advice still holds true. When choosing someone to handle one of your most valuable assets – your money – you want to select someone you can trust and who cares about your goals. Here are some tips for selecting the right advisor for you.

1.  Get referrals from family and friends.
2.  Visit the advisor’s website.
3.  Schedule an introductory appointment.
4.  Ask key questions including:

  • How is the advisor compensated for his or her services?
  • Does the advisor represent one company or multiple companies? This will give you an idea of the range of products and services the advisor can offer.
  • Who manages the firm’s portfolio of assets – someone within the company or a middle man? At Synergetic Finance, we manage our portfolio in house.
  • How often will the advisor meet with you to discuss your portfolio, investment results, goals, time line, etc.?
  • Will you get personalized service from an advisor with whom you can develop a long-term relationship?
  • What is the advisor’s fiduciary responsibility? This can vary. A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) has a fiduciary responsibility to give you the best options for your situation, not just options that are suitable. The wealth managers at Synergetic are RIAs.
  • What is the advisor’s educational background? How long has he or she been in the business? What’s the advisor’s track record for success?

Whether you are investing a few hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars, you want to choose an investment advisor who will put your goals and needs first. If that’s the kind of advisor you want to work with, contact the wealth managers at Synergetic Finance. We can set up a complimentary consultation to learn more about you and your financial goals. Until then, we invite you to visit our website and blog for more info.

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