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2014 Tax Changes:  Part 2Continued from our April 21 post, we’re going to take a look at tax credits, exemptions and exclusions for 2014. Not every category has changed for 2014 from last year, but we’ve included those as well.

Earned Income Tax Credit:  The EITC for 2014 is $3,304 for married taxpayers filing jointly with one child; $5,460 for two children; $6,143 for three or more children; and $496 for couples without children.

Gift Tax Exclusion:  The annual exclusion for gifts is $14,000, the same as last year.

Flexible Spending Account Maximum:  The annual limit on employee contributions to an employer-sponsored FSA account is $2,500, the same as last year.

Individual Retirement Account Contributions Maximum:  The maximum for IRA contributions is $5,500 for contributors under the age of 50, $6,500 for those 50 and older. For more on IRA contributions and limits, see our April 8, 2014 blog post.

Federal Estate Tax Exemption:  The exclusion limit for estates in 2014 is $5,340,000, a $90,000 increase over the 2013 limit of $5,250,000.

For additional information, including 2014 tax tables, visit IRS Rev. Proc. 2013-35 online.

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Sources:  Forbes and IRS

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